Subject: Request documentary Acts and Constituents: Constitutive Act which stipulates the establishment of the European Union, laying Name, Last Name, covered institutional function, Signature, and official stamp of each Member State Representative; Statute of the European Union; Endorsement and approval of the Constitutional Courts of each Member State, signatory of the Treaty.

Condividi La Notizia


Parlamento Europeo

Rue Wiertz


B-1047 Bruxelles

             Att. To Mr President  Martin Schulz


Mr. Klaus Welle  Secretary-General

Roma, 23th of March 2016

Ref. MBI/nex/EUP/233-16


Subject: Request documentary Acts and Constituents



Dear Mr. President,

We are writing to you as administrators of the National Movement Base Italy, duly constituted Italian national political party, organized in departments, and present throughout the territory, to ask you for some and fundamental questions about the very existence of the European Community or the European Union, as a sovereign institution, in relation to any member countries.

The current status,

– Since it is made up of a president, a parliament and a European Council,

– Considering that legislates and acts on the national political scene, members of governments,

– It proved that manages the fiscal policies of member countries,

– Since it is composed of highly institutional figures and representation, although it does not take decisions on intra been reports,

– Considering that unlike a federal union between nations, does not have its own constitution and its own case law, but through the principle of subsidiarity, leaves the Member States the decisions, acting almost exclusively on financial and fiscal matters,

– It has shown that it is composed of a real government for the protection of the Federated States, although to be formed by all political and governmental management structures,

– Verified that is not a free and unanimous adoption by the citizens voters involved

– Having noted the presence of a single currency, even if not accepted, and working on all Member States.


But not only,

despite the cost of ownership, more integrated from the coffers of the states founding members, this organization is not in any way guarantee of a fair policy, and best practies, such as in the field of law, civil rights, workers’ rights, the rights of the family, and for the family, it is therefore difficult to understand the legal nature of the organization, as well as the very existence of a European Union, which more seems as a sort of consortium whose aims, but above the constitutionality, do not seem to possess the necessary characteristics of clarity.

For these reasons, we resort to your precious attention, to formally request the production of documentary acts, signed by the Constitutional Courts have occurred in order to prove by documents and with some effectiveness the actual existence of the European Union.

If we take into account the intervention of “mandatory” such as that imposed on the public debt limits, absolutely it would require the will of a nation and of a free government, to undergo external scrutiny, and certainly this process could not take place without a constitutional change , which in fact is the highest organ of the nation, could not agree to what the political parties, let alone the Presidencies of Councils of Ministers.

For the reasons above, although synthetic and not fully comprehensive of the doubts and uncertainties that hover on the constitutionality of the European Union, we invite you to submit requests answers, through the production of documents proving the freedom of establishment of the European Communities.

It’s our true intention to reiterate that at present the structure of the European Union, is not the guarantor of fiscal democracy, social, and the Law, likely for the effects of a non-constitutional and a real transfer of power part of all Member States. It’s not clear that the EU isn’t being a State and not having a government, has at the same time a parliament that legislates and is subject to election, as well as a Council with overall policy direction, structures that no international organization has, for these reasons, it is totally unjustified.

For a better certificate of clarity, legality, and not of mere thought, we refer to the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE7NYr_PyLo.

We are certain that thanks to your high profile, human, political and institutional, we can get clear answers and immediate. Therefore  We wait for an clear and effective response on the merits.



List of documentation request

1- Constitutive Act which stipulates the establishment of the European Union,    laying Name, Last Name,  

     covered institutional function, Signature, and official stamp  of each Member State Representative;

2 – Statute of the European Union;

3 – Endorsement and approval of the Constitutional Courts of each Member State

    signatory of the Treaty.


   Yours Faithfully

Movimento Base Italia

Dr. Arturo SCALIA



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